Marcus Glenn

Open Heart Series

The power of a man’s love is remarkable; worthy of our complete attention. The willingness of a man to open his heart in a relationship is essential to its success. This seemingly simple act motivates him to love, protect and provide whatever is needed by her.

In Marcus Glenn’s Open Heart Series, he applauds the man for embracing his role in a relationship.

Marcus Glenn eloquently depicts the man’s acceptance of his role by his desire to shield his love with the floor boarded umbrella. He shields her from all the chaos in life, her insecurities and any fears she may have in giving herself to him totally. No matter what storm may come her way, he will adjust the position of that shield of protection to make sure she is never harmed by the elements. Also, Marcus gives his character suspenders and a strong stance to denote maturity and bravery. The green grass on the highest peak of the hill shows that their relationship is at its best. No wonder his lover can reflect complete calm, serenity and sensuality in the midst of a storm. Although she knows that he is not perfect, she rewards him by lovingly teasing him with her touch or a seductive pose.

This series challenges men in relationships to have the courage to open their hearts. The benefits that they will receive from doing so are immeasurable.