Marcus Glenn

Reflections of Music Series

Give a musician their instrument of choice and allow them to “speak” through that instrument what they are feeling at that time or ask them to reflect on an emotional journey from their life and you can literally feel their pain or joy through the sound and movements of their soul.

Music can elevate us to celebrate our highest highs, it can control us to help us focus and remain centered or it can suppress us to wallow in our lowest of lows.

Marcus Glen powerfully captures the music moving the souls of mankind in the Reflections of Music Series.

Take a moment to imagine the sultry sounds coming through a saxophone played by the most sensual of all creations. Her body reflects the pressures of domination yet her determination to continue to play her song shows that no matter what, nothing will stop her.

Feel the pain of the of the bongo player whose beat has slowed due to the stresses of life. His apparel symbolically reveals that what you may see on the outside does not reflect what is going on inside of his or his loved ones soul. However, he clings to the drum that represents the beating of his heart knowing that his faith will keep him strong.

Visually delight in the couples playful love groove. Marcus Glenn’s traditional floorboards, which represent the foundation of life and love, are not present, due to the fact that this couple’s joy has taken them above the symbolic floorboards. Their love for each other has given them the utmost security. Although they are playing different instruments, their harmony is undeniable.

So now, it is your turn. Yes, Marcus invites you to engage your imagination by looking deep into The Reflections of Music Series and he dares you to allow it to move your soul.