Marcus Glenn

Silhouette Series

The Silhouette Series is a deeply touching collection of artwork by Marcus Glenn. It is a beautiful yet sobering depiction of a lost soul with a determined spirit. Many are living their lives in this torment daily.

The Silhouette characters shows how many people with depression are overlooked…..not noticed at all by friends or loved ones. Their bodies are present; however, they are, in essence, just a shell of themselves, doing their best to function in society. The depressed soul tend to take their leave and go to a special place either literally or within to cope, lovingly not wanting to bother anyone with their heartache. Not realizing their protective nature is causing them more pain and suffering, they find themselves caught between a “rock” and a “cliff” which represents undesirable realities or alternatives.

Compassionately, Marcus Glenn does not leave this soul without hope. Depressed ones deserve to have their dignity which is represented by the flowing scarfs or ties. The chairs symbolically depict elevation and a renewed spirit, even if it is only temporary. In addition, through his art, Marcus illustrates how music has a direct link to our emotions and can help our souls and spirit to heal. Music can encourage one to recall joyful memories, energize the weary soul or relieve anxiety or frustration.

Look around you. Look in the mirror. Can you find a lost soul? If so, embrace it, give it worth and help it find its way home. You will be glad you did.