Marcus Glenn

The Storm Series

The youngest of four , and raised primarily by his mother, it’s no wonder Marcus Glenn devoted an entire series of paintings to women. His father, an admitted workaholic, took care of the family’s material needs, while his mother took care of home. The storm series represents women overcoming adversity, something Glenn saw not only within his own family, but also in the women he worked with at Daimler-Chrysler. Determined to get through whatever challenge life may bring, each painting carries a different message.

There’s one depicting a woman jumping in the air, arms extended and raised. Her beauty knows no size, and she has accepted herself as she is. In another work there is a business woman looking forward with an umbrella in hand. She is fighting her way through corporate America, despite the rampant discrimination and favoritism that she has encountered. When you see an umbrella in the storm series, it is a symbol of a sword or protector, should anything get in a woman’s way. The umbrella is a fitting symbol for another painting, where Glenn’s character is pregnant and pointing ahead. She is determined to take care of her unborn child, with or without the father’s support. Also in The Storm Series, you’ll find a black woman proudly wearing dreadlocks. She refuses to be judged by her ethnicity, but instead has great pride in her heritage.

The Storm Series has had universal appeal because the issues that are illustrated in the paintings have affected women of all races, ages, and backgrounds. There’s one beautiful work where three women fancifully leap in the air like ballerinas. They are united by the trials or obstacles they have successfully surmounted, handling the storms of life with grace, dignity, and elegance. Glenn masterfully brings their inner beauty to the fore in this touching piece. Glenn’s signature floorboards also appear in every painting, representing the palate of God and life’s ever-changing paths. There are a total of twenty six paintings in The Storm Series.