Marcus Glenn

The Studio Series

To receive an invitation to an artist’s studio is irresistible. To be chosen to be his muse is an honor. In this visually sensual series, Marcus Glenn captures the private yet professional moments inside of an artist’s studio.

The Waiting painting depicts the artist’s lovely muse anxiously awaiting the artist’s presence. His creative spirit flows throughout his studio and she can feel it deep in her soul. It makes her delightfully uneasy. He is in complete control which heightens the level of sensuality.

Therefore, he must ease and take away her insecurities by assuring her that she is the chosen one. He values her unending sophistication by clothing her with his shirt which represents his desire to create a dignified body of work. They work as a team to climb the ladder of artistic creativity; therefore, there is no room for unethical behavior.

In the Infatuation painting, the muse is relishing in the artist’s creations. She is in awe at knowing her beauty has served as his inspiration to create, all the while, he takes delight in watching her and visually captures her in his mental “frame” to continually stimulate his imagination.

Since art is an artist’s true love, which is represented by the heart shaped palette, there is no doubt that he is very protective over the physical and the mental creativity that takes place in his studio. As you enjoy this rare glimpse into an artist’s private world, you will certainly find yourself desiring an invitation to his studio.