Marcus Glenn

Instruments Imitating Life

An intimate acquaintance is the key ingredient in any relationship. The two partners must know each other exclusively. In an all too real sense, the same must be said for a dedicated musician and an instrument. With the time spent together, always striving for perfected harmony, the two are in a marriage of sorts. The two become one.

To the untrained eye, it would appear that the musician holds all the cards. But the resulting sweet music is very much the product of an equal partnership. On the flip side, if that musician doesn’t coax that right note out of his instrument, through his experience, charm, and intonation, much like the fury of a scorned lover, he’ll regret it. Similar to the story of a snake charmer, one false move can be deadly, causing the musician to completely lose his audience. And be warned, she only makes such sweet music with her owner, knowing the personal touch of those hands.

When treated with the deserved honor and awe, an instrument is undyingly loyal. Hit the correct note at just the right time, the instrument will all but play itself. Like a loving woman, it will seemingly wrap its metal arms around its owner and serenade them while at the same time enrapturing its audience.

These two can teach some of us a thing or two about implicit trust.