Marcus Glenn

Sophisticated Lady

What makes a lady sophisticated? Is it the way she walks? Is it the way she talks? Is it the attention she commands upon entering a room? Is she solely a lettered businesswoman or could she be a housewife? If you asked 10 people you’d surely get 10 various answers. To each of us, sophistication is individually defined.

A sophisticated lady isn’t born that way, even though it seems so. Instead, she’s a lady who through trials and tribulations has learned to love herself. In many cases, she realizes that while she may be a work in progress it’s okay to remain confident, flaws and all. For that reason, sophisticated ladies come in all sizes and colors. She knows who she is and where she’s going. This allows her to accept the occasional defeat with the grace of woman. She stands tall and steady no matter her opponent.

Being the sophisticated woman she is, she always puts her best foot forward. She knows you only get one chance to make a first impression. But she knows the true source of her brilliance radiates from within. So, while her outer appearance catches the eye, her mind will dazzle the room. She doesn’t need a job title, but if you had to give her one it would be jack-of-all-trades. She knows how to bring home the bacon, host an impromptu dinner party, car pool the kids and start a fire in the coldest man… all without a hair out of place.

Notice each lady holds her glass so delicately and effortlessly. This denotes an unspoken eloquence and the sign of a true lady. The glasses having no bottoms speak to the endless quality of love found in each one of us as a reflection of God. Ladies, true sophisticated ladies, acknowledge the existence of a Creator and humble themselves accordingly.

Do you know a sophisticated lady?