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Instruments Imitating Life

An intimate acquaintance is the key ingredient in any relationship. The two partners must know each other exclusively. In an all too real sense, the same must be said for a dedicated musician and an instrument. With the time spent together, always striving for perfected harmony, the two are in a marriage of sorts. The…. read more

Sophisticated Lady

What makes a lady sophisticated? Is it the way she walks? Is it the way she talks? Is it the attention she commands upon entering a room? Is she solely a lettered businesswoman or could she be a housewife? If you asked 10 people you’d surely get 10 various answers. To each of us, sophistication…. read more

Open Heart

Shakespeare said: “Nothing is so common as the wish to be remarkable.” A woman who’s had her heart broken knows that sentiment all too well. She swears never to let another man be her everything or complete her. But at some point she reaches an impasse: Will this disappointment define her or strengthen her resolve…. read more