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How Marcus Glenn is moved by music

There is nothing quite like jamming to your favorite tunes, and for Marcus Glenn, capturing that feeling, rhythm and soul is his goal as an artist. Detroit is known for its rich heritage in music, earning it the nickname “Motown.” Everything from the blues and rock’n’roll to jazz and hip-hop has seen significant input from the…. read more

Test your knowledge with the “Detroit’s Finest” art quiz

The “Detroit’s Finest” exhibition series at Park West Gallery has wrapped up, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. Test your knowledge of Detroit artists Marcus Glenn, Tim Yanke and Dominic Pangborn with this art quiz about their styles and influences. There are four questions per artist – can you answer them all?…. read more

Instruments Imitating Life

An intimate acquaintance is the key ingredient in any relationship. The two partners must know each other exclusively. In an all too real sense, the same must be said for a dedicated musician and an instrument. With the time spent together, always striving for perfected harmony, the two are in a marriage of sorts. The…. read more

Sophisticated Lady

What makes a lady sophisticated? Is it the way she walks? Is it the way she talks? Is it the attention she commands upon entering a room? Is she solely a lettered businesswoman or could she be a housewife? If you asked 10 people you’d surely get 10 various answers. To each of us, sophistication…. read more

Open Heart

Shakespeare said: “Nothing is so common as the wish to be remarkable.” A woman who’s had her heart broken knows that sentiment all too well. She swears never to let another man be her everything or complete her. But at some point she reaches an impasse: Will this disappointment define her or strengthen her resolve…. read more

The Studio Series

To receive an invitation to an artist’s studio is irresistible. To be chosen to be his muse is an honor. In this visually sensual series, Marcus Glenn captures the private yet professional moments inside of an artist’s studio. The Waiting painting depicts the artist’s lovely muse anxiously awaiting the artist’s presence. His creative spirit flows…. read more

The Storm Series

The youngest of four , and raised primarily by his mother, it’s no wonder Marcus Glenn devoted an entire series of paintings to women. His father, an admitted workaholic, took care of the family’s material needs, while his mother took care of home. The storm series represents women overcoming adversity, something Glenn saw not only…. read more

Silhouette Series

The Silhouette Series is a deeply touching collection of artwork by Marcus Glenn. It is a beautiful yet sobering depiction of a lost soul with a determined spirit. Many are living their lives in this torment daily. The Silhouette characters shows how many people with depression are overlooked…..not noticed at all by friends or loved…. read more

Reflections of Music Series

Give a musician their instrument of choice and allow them to “speak” through that instrument what they are feeling at that time or ask them to reflect on an emotional journey from their life and you can literally feel their pain or joy through the sound and movements of their soul. Music can elevate us…. read more

Open Heart Series

The power of a man’s love is remarkable; worthy of our complete attention. The willingness of a man to open his heart in a relationship is essential to its success. This seemingly simple act motivates him to love, protect and provide whatever is needed by her. In Marcus Glenn’s Open Heart Series, he applauds the…. read more